Trail Network Status Update

From Laura Dudas, President of the Blackburn Community Association...

Hello everyone, 

I have received an update from the NCC regarding the status of the new trail construction connecting our communities. 



  • Design of the trail network is complete. 
  • Environmental Assessment is 96% complete. It will be on hold until June when they will do a final study to determine if brown bats will be impacted by the construction. If the answer is yes, they will be required to determine mitigation messages before they proceed. 
  • The project is broken into 3 phases:
    • Phase 1 - North end of Tauvette to ball diamonds on Innes Road
    • Phase 2 - Continuing from the ball diamonds on Innes Road (Glen Park Drive) through the woods to the lights crossing the Blackburn bypass. 
    • Phase 3 - Continuing from the south side of the crossing light at the Bypass all the way to the Prescott-Russell Trail
  • Progress on the phases will be determined based on funding. 
  • The NCC 2017 budget in January will determine how quickly the phases will begin or be completed. 
  • If there is funding for the project in January, engagement of the community associations, elected representatives, will occur by the NCC. 
  • The trail is approximately $1 million for all three phases. 

Hope this helps.